Media Quotes

"A vibrant musical biography.
Louise Pitre is a brilliant Piaf interpreter. Her every number is a showstopper.
Jayne Lewis is bewitching. She sings Dietrich’s signature tunes with aplomb."
THE GLOBE AND MAIL [Piaf/Dietrich, fall 2019]

Louise Pitre is tremendous! Jayne Lewis is seductive!"
 NOW [Piaf/Dietrich, fall 2019]

Louise Pitre and Jayne Lewis deliver impressive performances."
 TORONTO STAR [Piaf/Dietrich, fall 2019]

"...every song she sings is so electrifyingly aquiver..."
"It’s a measure of the tough love the production feels for its tragic heroine that the inevitable rendition of Non, je ne regrette rien is performed in a shabby hospital gown and a ragged, balding wig. Pitre, of course, soars above such distressing ugliness on gilded sparrow’s wings."
Jim Burke, Montreal Gazette  April 20, 2018

"Louise Pitre nous jette par terre..."
André Maccabée, Cité Boomers   24 avril 2018

"...Louise Pitre makes Piaf alive again at the Segal, with unabashed grace, gusto, a set of pipes the Scottish would admire..."
Orca Sound   April 23, 2018

"Louise Pitre dans le rôle d’Édith Piaf est tout simplement sublime. Elle est crédible à chaque instant autant par ses gestes que ses intonations. Sa voix de poitrine puissante et solide nous bouleverse dans les chansons de Piaf."
Daniel Ouimet,   21 avril 2018

"Theatre 20's revival of Company, Stephen Sondheim and George Furth's 1970 musical about modern marriage, easily justifies its existence in four minutes flat.
Those are the sharp 240 seconds or so that Louise Pitre's Joanne takes to sing her perfect, pitiless rendition of Ladies Who Lunch - the show's famous skewering of rich and unemployed women 'off to a gym, then to a fitting, claiming they're fat; and looking grim, 'cause they've been sitting, choosing a hat.'
Without ever leaving her seat or putting down her vodka stinger, Pitre mixes together the right parts sour and sass, acid and anger in this toxic cocktail of a tune as the thrice-married Joanne gradually realizes she is describing herself."
— Kelly Nestruck, Globe & Mail

“Louise Pitre is sensational ...She just doesn’t just sell a song, she lives it.”
Paula Citron, Globe & Mail

“Full-throated emotion and cut-to-the-chase honesty are her trademarks, enhanced by a fine sense of theatricality.... She explores every aspect of heartbreak, from despair to defiance, in her own unique style.”
Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

“... award-winning star of ‘Mamma Mia!’ stepped onto the stage [and] gave a knockout 90-minute demonstration of what star power is all about...she sang number after number in that take-no prisoners style she’s made famous. Each song she performs is a three-act play, filled to the brim with passion and emotion, but somehow, magically, never tipping over the edge into bathos or sentimentality. That’s the true test of Pitre’s artistry a lot of singers know how to go for it; Pitre also knows when to stop. But it was the heartbreak that won out every time, especially when she switched into French. Jacques Brel’s ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’ blazed with desperation, Edith Piaf’s ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’ had the tang of true defiance and Pitre’s own French lyrics to ‘The Winner Takes It All’ conveyed a wounded nobility that conquered us all.”
Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

"...and what must be done about Louise Pitre? She must be declared a National Treasure. Without delay."
— Janice Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen

"A show that everyone should see...really brings you into the life of Edith Piaf. Louise Pitre is the ultimate reason to see this show...her singing will tear your heart out. Louise Pitre is astounding."
— CBC Radio "Metro Morning"