Critter Award in Calgary Theatre’s The Little Prince


Louise has just won a Critter Award for best supporting actress in a musical for her portrayal of the Snake in “The Little Prince” at Theatre Calgary (Jan-Feb. 2016). The Little Prince at Calgary Theatre is a reworking of a production first originating in England in 2010. It is also  a story and show that Louise enjoyed from her childhood in Montreal.

However, this joint production of Theater Calgary and Lamplighter Drama UK garnered a vacillating review from the Calgary Herald. Alternating among “Bretta Gerecke’s set and costume designs give the production the feel of a Tim Burton movie – it’s extravagantly otherworldly” thru “Every time Pitre’s snake slithers into a scene she dwarfs every thing and everyone around her because it is one of those consummate musical theatre performances with the voice, the statue and the confidence a stage villain needs” to a more subdued “Brazier as the Pilot also has a magnificent voice as he proves in the second act when he practically raises the roof of the Max Bell Theatre with his aria Water for the Heart.  But a talent like this and a character so important to the plot needs at least two more such numbers. It’s as if Lloyd Webber, Reid and Garnhum didn’t know what to do with the pilot because too often they leave Brazier wandering aimlessly when he should be the commanding presence in the show“.